Why full fibre matters

Most of us have a fibre broadband connection these days, it powers the beating heart of our online world and we find it can just about cope with everything we need it to. And it’s certainly been put to the test over the last 12 months. But let’s face it, boxsets buffer, FaceTime calls are fuzzy and then the bickering begins as all our devices compete for bandwidth. ​

The fact is the first part of the connection is futureproof fibre optic, great! But the rest…well it’s the humble copper wire from the cabinet on the street to our homes. The same thing that’s been used for over 100 years. And now it’s holding us back. ​

What everyone needs is Full Fibre broadband. Full fibre means fibre optic is used for the whole of the connection to our homes. It means blistering speeds and endless possibilities with a connection that is built for the future. No matter how many devices you hook up, your internet will be as fast, stable and reliable as you need it to be. It’s with you all the way. Are you with us? ​

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